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Bats Northwest is a nonprofit organization formed in 1996 by scientists, educators, and interested lay people to help protect Pacific Northwest bat populations through education and research.

Bats Northwest envisions a future where the essential role of bats is understood, where the public recognizes the vital place of bats in our environment and economy, and where all are inspired by bats’ remarkable attributes and invaluable contribution to our natural heritage.

To this end we work to educate the general public about bats, we join with government biologists to research and protect local bat populations, we act as a conduit of information about bats, and we encourage responsible attitudes and actions in human/bat conflicts.

Recent and Upcoming:

1)  Citizen Science Bat Event at Greenlake, Aug 25!

We are hosting our first Greenlake bat event since before lockdown - Thursday August 25, at 730pm by the Greenlake Bathhouse Theater.

Join Bats Northwest at Greenlake to learn about Washington's amazing bat species, and take part in Woodland Park Zoo's new community science program, Bat Activity Trends!   Bats are a common wildlife species across Washington state, including urban areas, but their nocturnal habits mean that people often don’t notice them. Taking the time to learn how to observe bats can change that!

We are empowering YOU to become a community scientist while learning more about local bat species and bat conservation issues. The BAT program involves going out to observe bats, right in your own neighborhood. The goal of the BAT program is to collect data on bat sightings across King County.

Date: August 25 (Thursday)
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Across the trail from Greenlake Bathhouse Theater
7312 West Green Lake Drive North, Northwest Seattle, Seattle 98103

Facebook event page

hope to see you there!

2) Bat Week 2022, coming up Oct 24-31

Bat Week 2022

The annual celebration of bats is the last week of October - click the image to find out more and what's going on in your area!
Also - check out BCI's  BatWeek Video collection in the meantime!

3) Latest on Covid 19 and Bats - click the image to learn more!

4) Check out our Mercer Slough Bat Survey results data!

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