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"helping bats in Washington State"

Batcams worldwide:

while we currently do not have any active batcams in WA state, there are a number of them worldwide to check out - very cool!

Live batcams:

US NPS Oregon Caves bat cam (may be offline of late)
Giant Flying Fox bat cam at Lubee Bat Conservancy (Gainesville, FL)
Mixed Species Flying Fox bat cam at Lubee Bat Conservancy (Gainesville, FL)
Bat World Sanctuary bat cams (Weatherford, TX)
Essex Wildlife Trust bat cam UK (currently offline in May 2020 due to guano!?! - offline view
Arizona Game & Fish bat cam
University of Florida Bat Houses (live may be offline but also has link to recorded videos)

"Almost" live bat web streaming:

Bracken Bat Cave (near San Antonio, TX)
Austin's Bat Bridge (downtown in Austin, TX)
More on Austin's Bat Bridge (from Merlin Tuttle, founder of BCI and longtime bat advocate)
Birdmans' Bat Cam (link to YT video from this guy and other bat videos)
YouTube general bat cam search