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Little Brown Bat

Bats Northwest is a nonprofit organization formed in 1996 by scientists, educators, and interested lay people to help protect Pacific Northwest bat populations through education and research.

Bats Northwest envisions a future where the essential role of bats is understood, where the public recognizes the vital place of bats in our environment and economy, and where all are inspired by bats’ remarkable attributes and invaluable contribution to our natural heritage.

To this end we work to educate the general public about bats, we join with government biologists to research and protect local bat populations, we act as a conduit of information about bats, and we encourage responsible attitudes and actions in human/bat conflicts.

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- - - - Unfortunate latest news (4/24/19) - WNS found in another WA bat species:

Devastating bat fungus found in another Washington species (video linked from article)