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Bats Northwest is a nonprofit organization formed in 1996 by scientists, educators, and interested lay people to help protect Pacific Northwest bat populations through education and research.

Bats Northwest envisions a future where the essential role of bats is understood, where the public recognizes the vital place of bats in our environment and economy, and where all are inspired by bats’ remarkable attributes and invaluable contribution to our natural heritage.

To this end we work to educate the general public about bats, we join with government biologists to research and protect local bat populations, we act as a conduit of information about bats, and we encourage responsible attitudes and actions in human/bat conflicts.

Recent and Upcoming:

1) Nikki Desautels and Sally Lawrence of BNW did a joint Zoom presentation about bats in February to the Snohomish County Fruit Society.

The YouTube video is now available, it's 47 minutes long - enjoy!

2) Upcoming Bat Working Group events in April - please see our Events page for more information and how to register/attend.

3) Friends of the Columbia Gorge gave a great talk about bat conservation as part of Bat Week this past October - the presentation recording been posted on YouTube here. - check it out!

4) KUOW's The Wild podcast -

Join Chris Morgan to meet bats up close and in person as he tries to figure out the mystery behind these winged mammals.

Bats: Busting the Myths

5) Bat Week 2020 - were you able to attend?

The annual celebration of bats was the last week of October, but the linked content is still online to watch and read - click the image above to open a new tab to see why bats are so interesting and important to our ecosystem, and how you can help!

Here's two recent USFS Bat Educator webinar recordings (the first is oriented more toward non-formal educators, and the second more toward formal educators, otherwise similar content):

BatWeek for Educators - (from) October 1, 1:00 p.m.
BatWeek for Educators - (from) October 1, 7:00 p.m.

We've also compiled a quick list of additional Bat Week and related resources - click here to open the PDF in a new tab.

6) Local BNW News - Local Girl Scout Educates about Bats: Emil Haedt

"My name is Emil, and I am a Girl Scout in Western Washington, and I just finished my Gold Award Project (similar to Eagle Scout). For my project, I built five bat houses that were placed in parks around my town, Federal Way, Washington. They are along the West Hylebos Wetlands Park trail and Panther Lake Trail (specifically mounted on sheds and posts). I also placed QR codes in parks near me with a video and pamphlets I made myself about bat houses, donating to bat conservation efforts, and the threats faced by bats. Emil is also hoping to promote youth involvement in bat conservation."

Emil added to his story, "I have always really liked animals, so I knew I wanted to be more involved in conservation efforts with my project. I picked bats because they are a keystone species within our ecosystems and face a lot of stigma especially with the COVID-19 pandemic. Bats rarely get recognition for the influence they have on our daily lives, so I think it is important to educate the public to support bats in their area rather than try to remove or disturb them."

For future plans, Emil is a senior in high school and hopes to go to college next year. Currently, he is very interested in studying biology and chemistry, and hopes that wherever he goes, he can still advocate for underrepresented animals like bats.

An excellent Bat Resources list prepared by Emil is linked here (PDF).

Emil also provided us a link to a great quick movie clip about Bats, seen here (about 4:20 in length)

7) Local BNW News - Barb in the Seattle Times!

Bats NW Board member and bat re-habber Barbara Ogaard in a great recent Seattle Times feature!

To read the article, click on this link:
Before our Northwest bats go into hibernation, a little sympathy. No, they don't carry the coronavirus. They just eat bugs

Barbara Ogaard checks on the health of two of the bats she has rescued. (Dean Rutz / The Seattle Times)

8) Fungus that causes bat-killing disease confirmed in Chelan and Snohomish counties (late Aug)

OLYMPIA - The fungus that causes white-nose syndrome, an often fatal disease of hibernating bats, has been confirmed for the first time in Chelan and Snohomish counties. Other Washington counties affected by the disease or the causal fungus include King, Kittitas, Lewis, and Pierce. More information here.

9) Latest on Covid 19 and Bats - click the image to learn more!

10) Winged Wednesday African Bat webinars - Bats Without Borders

We recently learned of this and wanted to publish the link for signup. Note that these webinars are being held at 3pm Central African Time (same as mainland Europe time, or 9 hours ahead of the PNW), so that means 6am Pacific Time - FYI. Enjoy!

11) Check out our Mercer Slough Bat Survey results data!

Click here to review.

12) WNS found in another WA bat species:

"As of early 2020, four species in Washington state have tested positive for WNS, including Little Brown Myotis, Yuma Myotis, Western Long-eared Myotis, and Fringed Myotis."

WDFW WA Bat WNS Timeline linked here (bottom of page)

Devastating bat fungus found in another Washington species: April 24,2019 article (article contains a video too)